Check out these photos of Bill Shatner from 1977

I have had the privilege recently of interviewing Doug Drexler for some articles (including this one) and he told me an interesting story about photographing William Shatner back in 1977, while Drexler worked at The Federation Trading Post in New York City.

I took photos of William Shatner backstage at the Ed Sullivan Theater in 1977. He was doing a game show, and a magazine, All About Star Trek Fan Clubs, arranged to interview him backstage. We knew the editor through The Federation Trading Post and he knew I liked to take pictures, so he asked me if I wanted to come along and be his photographer. I was snapping shots while he was being interviewed, and I caught some really good moments, because I knew all of Shatner’s moves, I knew where he was going. He could tell that and he started playing to me.

We sat and chatted after that. It was awesome.

The photo is owned by Doug Drexler. He has posted more from this series on his Facebook page.

I also wrote about the article in that issue of All About Star Trek Fan Clubs.

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