Star Trek fan for life. A Star Trek collector for almost as long.

I tell the stories behind my best collectibles.

Podcasts, sites and fans I recommend

Star Trek fans invented modern fandom, and many of us produce fantastic content.


The Inglorious Treksperts: Sit down with a group of people who know their Trek and have also worked on Trek in some capacity. More than once, I have finished an episode and then immediately listened to it again. The information is that good.

Enterprise Incidents: There are a hundred rewatch podcasts, but none dive quite as deeply or deliver the same amount of raw enthusiasm as Steve Morris and Scott Mantz. The podcast is currently going through TOS in production order and I can only hope the guys keep trekking at least through TAS.

Mission Log: The hosts cover every episode of Star Trek (yes, including The Animated Series) one podcast at a time. If you’re new to this show, start with their TOS episodes.

Web sites

TrekCore: Audio clips, photos, schematics, screencaps and news. Stop by for a ringtone, stay for hours.

Star Trek Fact Check: Deeply researched TOS production articles.

Star Trek Prop Authority: A remarkable resource on TOS costumes, props and auctions.

Star Trek Stamps: I own only one set of Star Trek stamps (this one) but I like this great resource Rocky has assembled, and I applaud anyone who shares a Trek collection with the world.

Starlog at All 374 issues of this iconic magazine are available to download.


Tales of the Unknown Redshirt: The TOS background actors, stunt performers and doubles don’t get enough credit. This page delivers thoroughly researched insights into the people who often died for our benefit. You will learn new things.