Star Trek fan for life. A Star Trek collector for almost as long.

I tell the stories behind my best collectibles.

About me

Many people remember the first Star Trek episode they watched. I do not, but I know I was around nine when one of the reruns really grabbed me. When the credits rolled I went off to find the television booklet The Toronto Star used to tuck into the paper each week. I searched for those new-to-me words, Star Trek, and was thrilled to discover it was playing a bunch of times each week.

Hands up anyone who flipped through all the paperback books at the library looking for anything that said Star Trek. That was my gateway drug to collecting, and soon I was at the venerable Bakka book store, in its original Queen St. West location.

Then I attended my first convention (one of the annual Ad Astra cons) and that was it for me. There was a dealer’s room. With stuff. To buy. My first really big purchase was a set of the 1976 Star Trek Topps trading cards. Those 88 cards and 22 stickers cost me about $40; a lot of money then. I also really enjoyed collecting the Gold Key comics. They are all terribly inaccurate and silly and it was so much fun to search through a bin and find one I didn’t have.

And I’ve been collecting ever since. This site will showcase the best pieces of my collection. I am not going to post all of it, just the really good bits. I hope you enjoy the site. Email me and let me know.