Share in the glory that is the (reprinted) Leaf cards

I recently thought I had the inside track on an authentic set of the 1967 Leaf cards. It was a brief and shining moment and I wrote about it here. It all went nowhere, as the guy who contacted me actually had a set of the worthless Dan Kremer pirated cards.

But that experience made me want to share the excellent (if reportedly unauthorized) reprint set from 1981. Unlike the 1989 Kremer cards, these were stamped “1981 Reprint” — so no one was trying to fool buyers.

The cards feature many publicity and behind-the-scenes images, and some of the text is actually pretty close to actual Star Trek episodes. But mostly, these cards are wonderfully wacky. You would not feel cheated if you bought the entire set just for this plotline:

Mr. Spock checks his library computer. It reveals signals from an intergalactic noise dispensary, developed by Snards before these warlike creatures were destroyed in a war to conquer the galaxy in an insurance of peace.

Click on any image to see a bigger version.

2 responses to “Share in the glory that is the (reprinted) Leaf cards”

  1. I have these 1981 reprints and am quite satisfied with them. Beautiful, sharp images. The BTS stills and rare publicity shots of the Enterprise miniature are well worth the price of the set. The ridiculous summaries are merely a bonus.

    Fortunately I got my set at the end of the ‘80s they were at a reasonable price.


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