Franklin Mint’s 25th anniversary Enterprise

The Franklin Mint 25th anniversary Enterprise is not quite the most accurate model. That would be the Eaglemoss ship, or the 32 inch/81 cm Master Replicas studio-scale model. (I do not own the big Master Replicas ship. I could never afford it.) But the Franklin Mint ship is largely accurate and it’s certainly beautiful.

It is a metal model, and quite heavy. It’s missing some black accents, like on the nacelles, and overall it’s too light in colour, more white than the light grey-blue of the real model. But the proportions and shapes are all correct, the nacelles are nicely in line with the ship (even more than 25 years after it was manufactured), and the shuttlecraft stored at the back of the secondary hull is nicely detailed and just-about to scale. My favourite bit is that the top of the bridge comes off, revealing the tiny consoles and chairs within.

I own many Enterprises (including models from Eaglemoss, Art Asylum and Dinky Toys, and an Enterprise Talking Alarm Clock) and this one may be my favourite.

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